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Join the first-ever MerMayReadalong

This May I'm hosting the first-ever MerMay Readalong!

Inspired by Tom Bancroft's longstanding Mer May initiative for the artist community, where every day for the month of May artists draw a mermaid, I decided it was time that the bookish community had a dedicated time to celebrate all things mermaids as well.

What's happening during the MerMayReadalong?

  1. We're going to read Tenebrasco

  2. We're going to chat about mermaids

  3. There may even be fun competitions and prizes!

Co-hosts for the MerMayReadalong are:

Lindsey, Sara and Hannah (not me Hannah, another Hannah)!

Lindsey, also known as @fierymermaid, is an amazing #bookstagrammer with incredible book recommendations and is also huge fan of mermaids! (Check out her pop collection - it's insane)

Sara, also known as @the.mindful.mermaid, is a real life mermaid who has the most stunning tail and the warmest personality! (Check out her website and see how you too can become a mermaid)

Hannah, also known as @thewritingsofhannah, she's been a fan of the pearl wielders from the beginning, cares massively about our oceans and is an author herself! (Check out her blog for book recommendations)

How do I join the MerMay Readalong?

All you need is:

  • A copy of Tenebrasco, ebook or paperback. (The ebook is free Friday 16 - Sunday 18 April!).

  • To follow @hannah.reads on Instagram and join in on the prompts

  • If you don't have Instagram you can also join by subscribing to the Hannah Reads community

If you have any questions please reach out otherwise I look forward to talking to you throughout MerMay!

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