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What does Tenebrasco mean?

Tenebrasco is the title of the first book in the young-adult contemporary fantasy series – The Pearl Wielder Trilogy. But, what does Tenebrasco actually mean?

Tenebrasco is conjugated from the Latin word 'tenebrascere' meaning to become dark or to grow dark.

Tenebroso means dark

Tenebris means darkness

Tenebrasco is the singular form of the verb.


In the Pearl Wielder Trilogy Tenebrasco is one of the seven original magical pearl types.

It is described as an onyx coloured or black pearl that is not perfectly spherical. Much like the pearl featured on the front cover of the book.

The Tenebrasco pearl descended into legend as centuries passed and mer could no longer wield the power. Mer forgot what the power was, some vilified it, some claimed it was all a myth, some thought it was a dead pearl.

But, the Tenebrasco pearl is the most powerful pearl a mer can wield.

Want to learn more about the Tenebrasco pearl and the world of the pearl wielders?


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STOP READING NOW unless you are okay with a Tenebrasco spoiler...

Throughout Tenebrasco the leading mera, Princess April Meridia, is haunted, attacked and engulfed by the Tenebrasco power. It appears first as flickers of darkness running across her fingers and later morphs into uncontrollable waves of black energy wrapping around her body.

She sets out to discover what the Tenebrasco power is and what message the pearls are trying to communicate with her, all while navigating the unravelling peace treaty between the mer and legged.

Eventually, April discovers that she can wield the Tenebrasco pearl power. At the end of book one, she learns how to connect to the Tenebrasco power, but she has a long way to go before she can control it.

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