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Ocean Pier

About me

Hi! I'm Hannah, author of the Pearl Wielder Trilogy, book lover, up and coming #bookstagrammer and all round cat lover. 

Helping me pack before going to university, my best friend started routing through my bookcase. She stumbled across one of my old notebooks. Never being one for keeping a diary as a child, I was far more likely to start writing a story - usually with the main character being uncannily similar to me. 


My best friend started reading the notes which featured a young mermaid with golden hair and eyes that shifted colour in accordance with the sea. She laughed at my narcissistic 10-year-old self but eventually stopped to probe me about what happened next. Eight years had passed since I first put pen to paper, but the story was still alive. In my day-dreams, in my bored moments, in long-car rides, in times of distress- that was the story I told myself.


Fast forward two years and a serious bout of depression-induced insomnia, I started writing the story again. This time the writing was done in fits and starts at 2 am in the morning. A year later I enrolled in a creative writing course and by graduation, I was done. I had finished writing the book that had grown with me from my childhood. But, as with all great stories - that was only the beginning. 

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