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The Pearl Wielder Trilogy

Complete Pearl Wielder Trilogy cover. Purple sea with a white mermaid tail diving under.

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Book 3 cover. Tempus. Navy pearl on a stormy sea.


Book 3: The Pearl Wielder Trilogy

The mer want peace. The legged want security. The Tenebrasco mer want justice.

Alone, trapped and powerless, April is at the mercy of Tenebrasco control. Her options are to fight and expose her powers or succumb to the darkness and bury them so she can’t be controlled.

The legged blockade still stands and the President continues his attacks against the ocean, but now there’s a new threat as the Tenebrasco mer lay siege to both land and sea.

Who will win?

The final instalment in the Pearl Wielders Trilogy will not disappoint.

Book 2 cover. Essentia. Rose pink pearl on a bright pink sea.


Book 2: The Pearl Wielder Trilogy

After escaping from Rushton, April is ready to fight for peace. 

However, in the wake of Queen Freya's tragic death, the Royal Family is tearing at the seams. The Queen's secrets threaten to unravel the family when they need to come together to stop the impending war. 

Legged terror attacks plague the ocean and in retaliation, Kayla plans to weaponise April. To keep the mer's hope for peace alive, April flees. 

Following her pearl visions, time is running out for Princess April Meridia to unravel the pearl secrets so she can stop the impending war between the mer and the legged. 

With new secrets, new characters and new problems this epic page-turning sequel will not disappoint. 

Book 1 cover. Tenebrasco. Dark black swirling pearl in a teal sea.


Book 1: The Pearl Wielder Trilogy

Two worlds divided unite. 

Under the sea a young princess prepares for the upcoming Peace Treaty to unite land and sea. She is the crown princess of the seven seas and the most powerful pearl wielder. But, her every action is controlled by those around her. 

An explosion at the Peace Treaty leaves her stranded. Paralysed with indecision, April must learn to act - to find her pearls and return to the sea. 

A YA contemporary fantasy weaving the mental struggles of modern society into the magical world of mermaids.

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